"When children develop their
perspectives, ideas and voices,
they become able to act and
speak out against injustice

This essential guidebook offers creative, exciting ways for teachers to implement and support deep, authentic and transformative learning in early childhood.

Each standalone chapter identifies a key focus for empowering children, exploring the research behind the habit, how it stimulates deep learning and the ways in which it can help address implicit hierarchies and disrupt oppression.

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"Children’s curiosity must be honored and protected.

Otherwise, with good intentions, we risk blocking the deepest,

longest-lasting learning."



“This impeccably researched, reasoned and written book, screams about the need to empower our children, to trust them and to meaningfully invest in them. This book, at this time, has never been more necessary.

–Dr. Richard Gerver,
Educator, Author, Speaker

“Empowering Young Children is rich with thoughtful, relevant, and meaningful research.  It rekindles much of what educators and adults know intuitively but often times lose in themselves—that youth are brilliant and amazing! Dr. Ostroff fans this spark in an accessible and timely way oriented, rightfully so, from a social justice frame.  It is a great read that you will be eager to share with others!

–Miguel Gonzalez,
Director, Embark Education

“Wendy Ostroff has a remarkable talent for presenting complex ideas in a framework that concurrently educates and catapults you forward to learn more. This book is a gift.

–Julie Mountcastle,
Head of School, Slate School


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"Whatever children are genuinely interested in
is the most important thing for them to learn."




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