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Wendy speaks and leads workshops and professional development events worldwide on child development, cognitive science and neuroscience, curiosity, innovative pedagogies, parenting, and social justice education.

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Recent & Upcoming Workshops / Presentations


11/15/23 - National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Annual Conference, Nashville, TN

Featured Speaker- Empowering Young Children: Pathways to Transformative Learning, Better Behavior & Social Justice


2/18/23 - Learning & the Brain Conference - Teaching Behaved Brains, San Francisco, CA

Featured Speaker- Empowering Young Children


11/10/22 - 44th Annual Association of Interdisciplinary Studies Conference

Plenary Speaker - The Art and Science of Transformative Seminaring


11/4/22 - Unite for Sight Global Health Idea Lab Virtual Summit

Panel Moderator - The Power of Creativity in Health & Education Design


10/5/22 - 10/7/22 - Slate School Education Idea Lab: North Haven, CT


Educator's Workshop - PreK to Grade 6

Speaker - A Conversation with Wendy Ostroff about Empowering Young Children


4/21/2022 - 4/22/2022 - Unite for Sight Global Health & Innovation Conference

Panelist - Collaboration: The Team Sport of Success


3/14/22 - University of Michigan, Flint - Department of Education

Speaker - Cultivating Curiosity: Surefire Techniques for Engagement & Deeper Learning


3/10/22 - The Inquiry Educator's Summit, TIES 2022

Educator Masterclass Facilitator - Empowering Learners: Tools for Nourishing Deep Learning & Social Justice


9/9/21 - Slate School Education Idea Lab: North Haven, CT

Panelist - How to Begin Well: Thoughts for the Start of a School Year


8/14/21 - 4 Generations 4 Education Back to School Webinar, Dubai

Speaker - Creating a Classroom Culture of Curiosity: Surefire Techniques for Engagement & Deeper Learning


6/23/21 - ASCD Annual Conference: Empowered & Connected

Speaker - Empowering Young Children Using Dialogue: Tools for Giving Kids a Voice & Undoing Oppression


6/18/2021 - 6/19/2021 - Slate School Education Idea Lab Virtual Summit

Panelist - Focus on the Whole Child
Moderator - Keynote Conversation, Curiosity with Susan Engel
Moderator - The Power of Imagination & Curiosity 

"Wendy Ostroff has a remarkable talent for presenting
complex ideas in a framework that concurrently educates and
catapults you forward to learn more."


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